What You Need To Know


About the Session

I am a portrait photographer for families, babies, newborns, and couples. I am a natural light photographer so I depend on the outside light whether we are in nature or in your home.  During a session I will get you into a general idea of a pose and then let you interact with one another and capture that sparkle that only you and your loved one(s) can create! I don’t like to rush and stress my clients out so don’t worry and just relax for a fun session. If patience if required for a special needs child do not hesitate to contact me as that is something I would love to offer you! I will just require a few meetings before hand so you, your child, and I am comfortable with one another.

Why Custom Photography

I want to give you a day to have fun and play and not stress over the chore of getting pictures taken. After all, you totally deserve a fun day all about you and your family/loved ones! I can guarantee you that what you will receive is quality images.

Custom Photography is not about mass producing like Walmart or Sears but going through each image and hand editing every one of them and creating beautiful art to hang on your walls. This link helps explain where all the time goes! :o)

Please check out my Client Guide for information on pricing!

Contacting Me
You are more than welcome to message me with questions about sessions, clothing choices, or if you received your images and could like a different crop. You can click on the ‘contact’ link on the menu above, email me at lamorganphotography@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook.

Legal Stuff :o)
All images posted are copyrighted so please do not save, copy, alter, or crop my images. There is a rather lengthy process that I love doing but I also put value on so I thank you in advance for respecting and valuing my art!<3