About Your Photographer


About Me
Hi there! My name is Lesley. I’m an army wife to one stellar man and mom to two wonderful kiddos. I started my photography business in 2013 in hopes that I could help families/couples/people preserve wonderful times in their lives. There’s something so magical about being able to photograph others that just speaks to my heart; I will often find myself smiling as I am editing images!

Another thing I’m passionate about is sewing. I started sewing again recently as a way to create props for my photography and loved what was being creating so much that I opened a little shop! Check it out by clicking the link “sew la morgan” under the Shop menu above!


10 Random Facts About Me

62291_554585221218750_469133938_n~ former ballet dancer
~ chai tea lattes are my best friends
~ smiley faces and exclamation points are my fav!
~ photographer kids are just like yours. check out those good sports up there! ^
~ the color green rocks my socks
~ i am more of a numbers nerd than bookworm
~ putting a smile on someone’s face just makes my heart sing
~ lived in Germany as a child
~ Downton Abbey addict here!
~ my husband has definitely converted me into a bit of a Marvel fan

Another way to get to know me is through my ‘My Life‘ section on my blog! It’s just a little glimpse into my life <3