Film Inspired: Episode 4

May 31, 2013 Children, Film, My Life

I’m back for another round of the Film Inspired blog circle! I actually have a lot from over the past two months! My scans last month were not the resolution I really like so it’s taken me about a month to scan and clone out as much dust as I could on the images (though some, I apologize, I bypassed the cloning process). I’m still learning and need more practice with my Rolleiflex and exposure but so far I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made!


All these images were taken on my Rolleiflex 3.5 model mx. This first batch was with Fuji Reala ISO 100, home scanned, and edited by me (the ones of my mom and daughter may be Ektar 100). I did convert a few color scans to black and white because it just felt better that way! The last six images were taken using Ilford Delta 400 film and scanned by me with minimal edits!

While you’re on this magical journey of film check out the fabulously talented Jennifer Warthan!




3 Replies to “Film Inspired: Episode 4”

  1. The most precious big sister ever! :)

  2. Hillary says:

    Love!!!!!!! You little gal is a doll!!

  3. Stacy Pederson says:

    Your daughter must be the best dressed little lady on the block. She is just too cute. Pays to have a talented mom. You did a great job with these.

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