Film Rating Guide

There have been many times while loading film where I have had to ask others or google what number I needed to set my camera at to rate my film 2 stops over or 1 stop over (or under). So to make that process easier I created this chart to help speed up that process! I am so happy to offer this to you all in hopes that it helps you like it’s helped me!

There are two options: digital file or digital file and a card

If you purchase the card option there are six spaces to fill out your favorite stocks and how you like to rate them. You could write the number in the box or highlight the boxes different colors and highlight on the actual chart where you like to rate that stock. The digital option only includes the chart (which is the bottom card in the first picture and what is shown in the second picture).

If you want your guide emailed to an email address that is not your paypal address please include that in the “Note to Seller” section!

As a bonus I have included my film journal within the zipped digital file to help keep track of your film you shoot!








Digital + Card Bundle (Price on the drop down menu is the total cost for the bundle, not in addition to the digital file, and includes shipping):

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 I also have this listed on Etsy if you would prefer that platform to purchase! For only the Digital file it is an instant download! Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

Due to the nature of this product there are no returns or refunds. (o:


This card and digital file are copyrighted by la morgan photography. The digital copy has an embedded watermark to track all over the internet. If you see my work on a site being sold by someone else I would greatly appreciate it being brought to my attention. Thank you for supporting me and happy shooting!