Fun with our Twig Camera

Over a year ago I bought my daughter a Twig wooden camera. She loved it, until it got misplaced! Well a couple weeks back I received a ‘thank you’ email from them for leaving a review along with a discount code. huzzah! So i bought another one in yellow! perfect excuse to go out and take a few pictures huh? :o) She’s also wearing a dress I made with a pattern I purchased shortly before our vacation to the beach! Hopefully there will be a blog post coming up soon with those images! <3 2014-05-05_0001.jpg

2 Replies to “Fun with our Twig Camera”

  1. Sally Sosler says:

    I just adore these Lesley! So happy to see you sharing. <3

  2. Amanda Zuech says:

    she’s so beautiful!!!! the dress really makes her eyes pop! :)

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