LI B&W Blog Circle Part 1

October 28, 2013 Blog Circle, My Life

I’m so thrilled to be joining this blog circle with my amazing Light Inspired girls! This past month my daughter received a toddler strength digital camera from her Aunt and has been having a blast taking pictures of everything! We went for a walk and I finally realized what it’s like to go for a walk with me and my camera! hehe.




Please continue on to Mama Sparrow Photography‘s post for more beautiful black and white images!

4 Replies to “LI B&W Blog Circle Part 1”

  1. Christi Kidd says:

    These are lovely, Lesley!

  2. Adeena says:

    That’s so cute! :D Start them young. ;)

  3. nadia says:

    Such a cutie !!

  4. Chrissy McCullion Sandifer says:

    so cute, way to teach her early ;)

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