Lorenz Family

May 29, 2015 Children, Couples, Families

It was so much fun photographing the Lorenz family! We started out with a few family portraits and when I asked to get a couple shots of Megan and Jon the kiddos all ran off and I got that fantastic picture below. It is one of my favorite shots because of how real it is! Their children have fabulous personalities to boot! The girls were so sweet picking flowers for me and for their daddy. And the boys were so playful and helpful! The eldest boy at one point helped me direct some of the posed images. Sometimes children perspectives are the best and I love that he will be able to look back on a couple images and say ‘I helped with those pictures!’ What I also loved about watching this family and capturing what makes them them was how Megan and Jon watched their children with such love and joy and pride!

Again, this family was an absolute joy to photograph!


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