My New Baby: George

August 27, 2013 Film, My Life

So my husband’s uncle is an amazing photographer, like truly amazing(website | facebook). He took our wedding pictures and has taken images at various stages in our marriage that I just absolutely treasure. He’s been in the business for a while so he knows film very well… so well that he loaned me one of his beautiful film cameras. I call him George and he’s a Hasselblad.

As you can see by the image, this is one bad boy camera! I took about four rolls of pictures and these are a few that I really liked. The indoor shots are not sharp due to the slower shutter speed I had to use to expose better and the black and white are expired film, which has a unique beauty on it’s own!

I so cannot wait for the weather to cool down a bit so I can take George out some more!!! But I hope you enjoy these few images!

Hasselblad Fuji Pro 400H, Processed by The Darkroom, Scanned by Me

Hasselblad Portra 160, Processed by The Darkroom, Scanned by Me

Hasselblad Ilford Delta Pro 400, Processed by The Darkroom, Scanned by Me

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  1. Gloria Carlton says:

    Looks like you and George are going to get along just fine! Beautiful images.

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