My Very Own Superhero

August 20, 2013 Children, My Life, sew la morgan

So I married a comic book ‘nerd’ and you’d think I’d try to fight it but honestly I rather enjoy him dragging me to movies based on his favorite comic book characters! I even got on him about going to see Wolverine without me! haha.

While I was at Joann’s I spotted this Marvel fabric in the reminents bin and decided to make a dress for my daughter with it. It might just be one of my favorite dresses :oP So with a new dress means a photoshoot! We gathered up all the comic book ‘props’ that we’ve accumulated (much to the glee of my hubby) since Zoey was born and headed out to the desert near our house. At one point, as you can see in sixth picture, she called out for her daddy who got a much needed nap after taking care of the munchkin most of the weekend so I could rest and get over my cold. It’s sweet because she’s calling out for her superhero homie, which is what her daddy is to her

Alright I’m done blabbing, hope you enjoy and that they put a smile on your face! <3











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  1. Amanda Zuech says:

    Love it! Looks like a really fun photo shoot! :)

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