Newborn Updates

September 1, 2019 Children

I have recently discovered digital backdrops and have been updating some images from my baby and my friend’s baby. These are so great, you just take a couple pictures of baby in three positions and then plop them into these backdrops and *bam* you have a whole new newborn picture! I actually bought these close to when my daughter was 1 but had a few newborn images of her in poses I could work with.

I’m probably letting you in on a secret many photographers don’t advertise but I love to help when I can and support this woman who makes these beautiful backdrops. I got these digital backdrops from and her etsy page.

My mother and I have a love for poppies so it only seemed fitting that I get one of her many poppy backdrops. My husband loves space and rockets and science so I had to get the rocket one and deck her out in her NASA gear. The little man in the jungle’s last name is Bourne so we got the jungle because he’s Bourne To Be Wild, ha. And being military the dandelion seemed fitting as it’s the flower of the military child who blows and floats from duty station to duty station!

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