Bridges of Madison County

June 16, 2013 Children, Families, My Life

During my trip back home to visit my family my mom and sister asked if I wanted to go see the Bridges of Mdison County. Heck yeah! So my mom, sister, daughter, and I took a girls trip two and a half hours from Omaha to see the bridges. Madison County and the city of Winterset is just breathtaking! We went to the town center and ate at the Northside Cafe as shown in the movie ‘The Bridges of MadisonRead More

Cheryl, Natalie, & Emmy: Three Generations!

June 14, 2013 Children, Families

When I received a message from Natalie about taking some three generations pics while her mom was in town I was super stoked! Zoey and I did this on trips to visit my mom and then to visit my dad with local photographers in those areas so it really touched my heart that she wanted to do this as well! They were just so sweet and so fun to work with! And I must say I ADORE their color choicesRead More

Warm Days Are Here Again

January 26, 2013 Children

We’ve been having such a cold past few weeks that when it finally started to warm up I grabbed by husband and daughter and took some golden hour pictures of them! The Neve/hawk dress I put her in just looked perfect with the desert colors and the golden light that shined down on us! Looking up at the airplanes flying over us!