project 52

Week 3: Pieces of Me

January 18, 2013 Project 52

As I mentioned in my About Me I am a former ballet dancer of 16 years so when the theme of Pieces of Me came up I immediately knew what I was going to do! I’m a natural light photographer but I do like to dabble in artificial light (my Off the Camera Flash, OCF) from time to time; it’s part of that never-ending learning I like to do!

Week 2: Fresh

January 11, 2013 Project 52

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this is about as fresh as we get with fruits and vegetables (believe me it’s on my new years resolution/goals list to buy more fresh fruit and veggies)!

Week 1: Time

January 4, 2013 Project 52

One thing I like to do weekly is a Project 52 to keep my creative juices flowing! It’s also another way to get to know your photographer! So I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey I love to embark on every year! <3 This week’s theme was Time. There are a few ways to interpret this with the diptic I chose. One is the fact that these images were taken almost a year apart and you can seeRead More