My New Baby: George

August 27, 2013 Film, My Life

So my husband’s uncle is an amazing photographer, like truly amazing(website | facebook). He took our wedding pictures and has taken images at various stages in our marriage that I just absolutely treasure. He’s been in the business for a while so he knows film very well… so well that he loaned me one of his beautiful film cameras. I call him George and he’s a Hasselblad. As you can see by the image, this is one bad boy camera!Read More

White Sands On Film

August 27, 2013 Film, My Life

On Memorial Day my hubby and daughter and I went to White Sands National Monument. I brought the Rolleiflex with me and snapped some shots on Portra 160. I love the range film has in terms of light because that sky was amazing and I’m so happy it wasn’t blown out in the pictures I took! Rolleiflex Model MX, Portra 160, Processed by The Darkroom, Scanned by me

Helen, GA on film

August 27, 2013 Film, Fine Art, My Life

I recently was able to travel back to visit my husband’s family in the North Georgia Mountains. I brought my Rolleiflex with me and a few rolls of Portra 160. Here are a few of the images I captured from there! The small waterfall is from Nora Mill!

Pool Days in Black and White

August 26, 2013 Film, My Life

I have a hard time putting a roll of strictly black and white in a camera because i always love the option of color or black and white. Well I took the plunge and just shot a few black and white rolls and this is one of them. I love the feel of them and not being distracted by the colors so I could just focus on the fun we obviously had that day! I hope you enjoy! These wereRead More

A Rainy Day in El Paso

July 22, 2013 Children, My Life

When I was younger we lived in San Antonio for a few years and when we moved away I realized I missed warm rain showers. Everywhere else whenever it rained it was too cold to go out and play in it so when we had a beautiful day of rain here in El Paso I put my daughter’s raincoat on (which I never thought I’d use haha) and took her someplace with a puddle I knew she could play in.Read More