Week 2: Fresh

January 11, 2013 Project 52

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this is about as fresh as we get with fruits and vegetables (believe me it’s on my new years resolution/goals list to buy more fresh fruit and veggies)!

Week 1: Time

January 4, 2013 Project 52

One thing I like to do weekly is a Project 52 to keep my creative juices flowing! It’s also another way to get to know your photographer! So I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey I love to embark on every year! <3 This week’s theme was Time. There are a few ways to interpret this with the diptic I chose. One is the fact that these images were taken almost a year apart and you can seeRead More

Inspiration On The Farm: The People

December 22, 2012 Misc, My Life

Last part in my Inspiration On The Farm series: The People. I saved the best for last (o: I pretty much went into the weekend feeling like the novice who didn’t have her business really up and running (though all the paperwork was there, the timidity was still looming) among all these professionals who knew what they were doing. Very intimidating. But once I saw the smiles on their faces and the sweetness they all possessed I felt sooo atRead More

Inspiration On The Farm: The Sessions

December 18, 2012 Children, Families, Misc

While it was not a formal workshop Jennifer Warthan ask a couple friends if they would come over and sit for a session with ten photographers! Eek talk about intimidating! (see below) The family was so sweet and once the little boys warmed up to all the cameras they were so animated and sweet! The little girl was turning 1 in two weeks and just adored the kittens! She was just so absolutely sweet and had an amazing smile! AllRead More

Inspiration On The Farm: The Scenery

December 17, 2012 Misc, My Life

First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging as of late. I recently launched my photography business and a sewing business and all the set-up for the two has taken up all my time. Back in November I joined a wonderful group of girls for a weekend on Warthan Farms. It was not a formal workshop but pretty much a girls weekend where we all have one intense passion: photography. I am going to blogRead More