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10 on 10: It’s In The Details

January 9, 2014 Blog Circle, My Life

While visiting my mom in Omaha, Nebraska we went to the Durham Museum where they had trains you could go in and explore. Well my daughter is very much into trains so this was the perfect escape from being cooped up with the single digit temperatures. After reading this article “Documenting The Details”┬áKaren Jacobs wrote for Light Inspired I was inspired to try my hand at detail photography to remember the essence on places we visit so when we decidedRead More

LI B&W Blog Circle Part 2

November 28, 2013 Blog Circle, My Life

These images recap the last month for me quite nicely (o: My husband was able to come home to meet his little boy and have some laughs with his princess. Blurred images in the backyard amongst the frenzied tickle chases we play. SNOW! Oh, how I love snow. And the beginning moments of a big sister/little brother love <3  

10 on 10 – Welcome Logan Arden aka Thor

November 9, 2013 Blog Circle, Children, My Life

For my first 10 images on the 10th of the month I’d like to share some shots of my handsome little guy born on Halloween! His Thor outfit is a one of a kind crocheted item made by a family friend since his name when i was preg with my daughter (before we knew we were having a girl) was Thor :oP I feel blessed beyond words at the two miracles in my life. <3   Please continue to theRead More

LI B&W Blog Circle Part 1

October 28, 2013 Blog Circle, My Life

I’m so thrilled to be joining this blog circle with my amazing Light Inspired girls! This past month my daughter received a toddler strength digital camera from her Aunt and has been having a blast taking pictures of everything! We went for a walk and I finally realized what it’s like to go for a walk with me and my camera! hehe.     Please continue on to Mama Sparrow Photography‘s post for more beautiful black and white images!