The Artist

Hey there! My name is Lesley. I’m so glad you are here wanting to learn more about my work and hopefully see what I can do for you.

I am married to a stellar man who serves in the United States Army and has given me quite the adventurous life. We have four kids spanning 8 years; you will see them often on my blog! While it’s hard to pack up and move (especially with a photography business!), we have been given some of the most amazing opportunities to explore and learn and be still.

My photography journey started when I was very young; I was always the friend carrying the camera. And while images back then (on film) we’re anything really art-worthy, I always had a passion for it. I started getting serious when my first born entered our world in 2011. My husband let me upgrade from a simple point and shoot to something with removable lenses. I have loved every minute of learning technique and aesthetically-pleasing composition.

With learning how to shoot images came learning all about photoshop/lightroom and how to edit. I love to print Christmas cards and ‘we have moved!’ cards so I began creating my own cards as there really weren’t that many ‘we moved’ options for me to choose from. And from there a graphic design monster was born and font junkie. It was such a wonderful hobby, initially, for me to do at home when the kids were infants and just gave me that creative me-time that I needed.

So while photography and graphic design are two arts I love being creative with writing typically isn’t up there, ha. So I’m taking a moment here to apologize if sometimes I just leave blog posts with strictly images; truly though, an image is sometimes worth a thousand words and that is what I work to create for you. A feeling that you get of comfort and love when you look back at your images of you and your family.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through the menu or the email address in the footer if you have any questions!


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