Werenskjold Family

June 17, 2015 Couples

I am always excited to meet new clients so Amber and Traften were no exception! Like most El Paso summer evenings it’s hard to tell what the weather is going to be like around sunset, but we were blessed with no-rain storm clouds and a gorgeous explosion of sun from behind the mountain that lit up the passing clouds giving us a beautiful silhouette and the last image. I had so much fun photographing Amber and Traften; they were up for anything!Read More

Bridges of Madison County

June 16, 2013 Children, Families, My Life

During my trip back home to visit my family my mom and sister asked if I wanted to go see the Bridges of Mdison County. Heck yeah! So my mom, sister, daughter, and I took a girls trip two and a half hours from Omaha to see the bridges. Madison County and the city of Winterset is just breathtaking! We went to the town center and ate at the Northside Cafe as shown in the movie ‘The Bridges of MadisonRead More

Film Inspired Blog Circle: Episode 1

January 31, 2013 Film

I am super excited to be taking part in a blog circle from my favorite corner of the internet, the Light Inspired forum, with a ton of other talented photographers! But what I love about this particular circle is that it’s all about film photography! I am so happy so many women on the forum are pursuing this because it led me to ask my mom for her old Nikon FM camera! Attached is a beautiful 50mm 1.4 lens thatRead More

Playing With Film:The First Rolls

January 24, 2013 Film

My mom sent me her Nikon FM shortly before Christmas. Oh was I antsy to get my hands on some film! So I used rolls from loong long ago. The scans from those rolls weren’t bad but it was very much a beginners roll. :o) These are scans from my first non-expired rolls of Portra 400. So at this point I’m discovering the unique features of this camera. My sister also sent her Canon film camera to me so I’mRead More