A Rare Snow Day In El Paso

January 25, 2013 Children, My Life

I absolutely love snow and live in the desert. Ah luck of the draw :oP But I do seem to have luck! The past two years in the desert we have had at least one snow day! Zoey was old enough this year to be aware and enjoy the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky! I think aside from the temperature she absolutely loved the day! She took her pram out in the snow, and threw snowballs with herRead More

Playing With Film:The First Rolls

January 24, 2013 Film

My mom sent me her Nikon FM shortly before Christmas. Oh was I antsy to get my hands on some film! So I used rolls from loong long ago. The scans from those rolls weren’t bad but it was very much a beginners roll. :o) These are scans from my first non-expired rolls of Portra 400. So at this point I’m discovering the unique features of this camera. My sister also sent her Canon film camera to me so I’mRead More

Week 1: Time

January 4, 2013 Project 52

One thing I like to do weekly is a Project 52 to keep my creative juices flowing! It’s also another way to get to know your photographer! So I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey I love to embark on every year! <3 This week’s theme was Time. There are a few ways to interpret this with the diptic I chose. One is the fact that these images were taken almost a year apart and you can seeRead More