Highlights of a Deployment Vacation

May 31, 2014 Children, Families, My Life

A couple months ago my children, mom2, and I were fortunate to go visit our soldier where he was deployed to. I’m not sure what I was expecting but since he’s in the Caribbean I definitely anticipated water and was not let down. The water was the most beautiful shade of blue which contrast against the rocky shores beautifully. The landscape on the other hand was similar to El Paso so it was like being home at the same time! It’s like your typical military base but you are confined to that base so you are very dependent on what the base has to offer. There’s an outdoor movie theatre which is a large screen with bleachers, lots of hiking paths, plenty of beaches to choose from, scuba diving (met a father and daughter at the airport who said it was some of the best diving they’ve done and she was there on her spring break!), quite a good selection of restaurants to choose from and even a pizza hut that delivers, large iguanas that I miss and actually chased one away from our picnic while nursing my son hehe, and so much more that we just didn’t get a chance to experience. Because it’s Guantanamo Bay photography can be a tricky thing; I really tried to be respectful of security while still capturing the beauty of the island. Overall the trip was amazing and that’s mostly due to the fact that we were with the daddy unit. My daughter is definitely daddy’s little girl and was in absolute heaven being with him and swimming with him.

I brought my new camera hubby got me as an early birthday present, since my birthday was going to happen while we were out there, and George, my film Hasselblad. The first set of images is from my Digital Camera and the second group is from my film camera (Hasselblad 503cx, Portra 160, processed and scanned by Indie Film Labs)
2014-05-31_0001 copy2014-05-31_0002

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  1. Amanda Zuech says:

    such beautiful images! looks like a wonderful family trip! ❤️

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